Innamorarsi alla mia età (Todos los días, un día)
Just about to leave Paris, the singer Julio Iglesias was abandoned by his wife, tired of having to share him with the adoring crowds. The hurting artist started a relationship with Claudia, a young beautiful girl who was famous in Mexico, but she saw herself facing the same difficulty as Julio's wife: to be able to begin a strong and lasting relationship with him.

Distribution: Julio Iglesias, Isa Lorenz, Carol Lynley, Tony Martin, "Las Trillizas", Antonio Gamero, Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Alejandro Suarez, Hilda Aguirre, Armando Silvestre, Patricia Rivera, Silvia Manriquez.
Director: Orlando Jimenez Leal - Producer: Alfredo Fraile II
Music: Dúo Dinámico (Manuel de La Calva - Ramón Arcusa) & Rafael Ferro

Available formats:
DVD 1979 EMI FILMS srl. (1985)
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